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L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Interview with Rahajeng Tunjungputri

Dear Friends,

I was contacted few days ago by 4womeninscience (L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science) saying that they’d like me to answer some questions for the blog. At that point I only thought the question were brilliant, and I’d like to answer them myself as I thought that putting the answers into writing will give me a better insight about my personal views as well.

I personally call them “important questions”, because the issue of the challenges that women face in science is real, and it’s something that is dear to my heart and highly relevant for me and my female peers in my science community.

Afterwards, they contacted me again and let me know that the interview is published on the website!

Share your thoughts about the issue raised in the interview…

Screenshot of the website with the interview at

The challenges women face in science are real, and while experiencing them we rarely discuss them openly. So thank you to The L’Oréal Foundation for bringing up this important issue!




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