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Starting fresh in Nijmegen

I have recently started my life in Nijmegen. This is not my first stay, but indeed will be my longest. The reason: research and study. The subject: something for my master education. I hope I will learn a lot during my stay here, not just because this is Nijmegen, but also because I hope I have the time and opportunity to learn, read and write more rigorously compared to if I’m in Semarang.

I finally have the time to sit down and write a bit here because it’s Saturday night and  I stayed home. I went out earlier today, but the weather is almost always bad, and it’s especially terrible today, with -9 degrees celcius of (because of the wind chill), 25 km/hr of wind and constant snowfall.

Sinterklaas is coming to town, along with Zwarte Piet, since it’s 5 December tomorrow. When I was small the story of Zwarte Piet from my mother was that he comes to get the naughty children to be put inside his sack. But now I know that he’s the one carrying around Sinterklaas’ gifts for the children.

The shoes are put in front of the fireplace so Sinterklaas can put the gifts there.

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Warm regards from -9 degrees in Nijmegen,



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