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Welcome the young, and remember our history: Dies Natalis of FMDU

When few young students of the faculty was called for honorary mention in the Dies Natalis of FMDU few days ago, as I was 4 years ago, thoughts flashed through my mind. The time has probably come for the young to have their own chance to express their thoughts and vision; for them to dream and chase their goals, to be ambitious and disciplined, and to pursue advancement and excellence.

Now things have been much different for them even compared to the time when I was standing in their position in 2006. Now praise is given away with pride and without hesistance. Opportunities now almost exclusively reserved for the young and talented. Encouragement and support are continuously flowing.

But I wonder whether the young are aware of the histories that help to shape this new way for them. I wonder whether they were aware of how things got easier in the first place, how the first ones walking this path for them was faced with resistance and challenges, hardship and hindrance. How it could be difficult when your vision and goals are not shared by those around you and above you. And how the years of commitment and persistence had finally paid off.

The previous generation will always be tempted to see the next ones in line as having things easier, without any effort of sacrifice. But my distinguished senior colleagues would say to these younger ones: be better, because yes, it is much easier now for you to pursue your dream. So make the best use of it and work harder, achieve your greatness, because the hardest work has already been done for us.

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