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I enjoy writing, especially when I can interact with readers through my writings. While my writings here are only the ones more or less academically related, I know that my contemplative/narrative writing style is better appreciated at

I had problems before with some objections against my post in my old blog, thus the idea to build this blog, was born out of my desire to focus on academic medicine. But I miss writing critical and contemplative pieces, and “doc2doc” has been the perfect media for me. It’s a privilege to be able to blog there, I must say. And doc2doc has offered me the opportunity to interact with doctors from around the world.

It’s been amazing to get responses, ask questions, explore different answers and build friendship and networks because of my writing. And what astonishes me the most is to see that now my blog is being read by so many people in UK, Europe, US, Africa, and all across the world! My writings have gone beyond borders.

“A traffic report showing some of my doc2doc blog readers and their countries (for my latest post, “Empathy, or tea and sympathy?”)”

So, thank you for enabling me to get more response, interaction and most of all, international readers.

For my fellow Indonesian medical bloggers, keep writing, be critical, and be true to yourself.

– Rahajeng, a.k.a. “AjengMD”

*Special thanks for David Isaacson,, your an amazing community manager!

Thanks also to Prof. Cuello @CharlieNeck, Colleen Young @sharingstrength, and Zahid Raja @torydoc.

You can find doc2doc on, and the website at


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6 Responses

  1. Thank you for your kind comments Rahajeng! I absolute love my job as community manager of doc2doc, reading the excellent content and chatting with the brilliant members everyday online adds massive job satisfaction. My passion for twitter has come from doc2doc, which is now apart of my everyday life.

    Interesting traffic report, would you mind posting that on doc2doc? Perhaps we could get a discussion going.

  2. @ajengmd says:

    Hi David!

    It’s my 4th post already on doc2doc, and my experience wouldn’t have been the same without the support and encouragement of all the doc2doc community members. I’ve even had some “serious” discussion about ethics with @CharlieNeck and he’s very kind to exchange emails with me and answer my questions. I think we can say that active members of doc2doc are the people who are eager for meaningful discussions!

    Congratulations also on the recent change on doc2doc. All the best!

  3. Congratulations, Ajeng! You are now a reference in the blogosphere and in my RSS!

    Regards from Mexico

  4. @ajengmd says:

    I just saw your blog on doc2doc,
    I really appreciate the reference!
    A fan of your writings, as always 🙂

  5. I agree; doc2doc has opened my access to new readers and fantastic reading material. But more importantly, expanding my community beyond borders via social media and the written word has introduced me to amazing people and insights. It’s an honour to have you be part of that community.

  6. @ajengmd says:

    Hi Colleen!

    It’s an honour to meet and interact with everyone there, including you! And not just sharing ideas and experiences, it’s also a place where you can find different experts and explore the field others’ are focusing on. I’ve been to as well.

    Thanks for stopping by here!

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