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I’m in academics, so in the spirit of critical thinking and freedom of speech, I’d like to introduce you to this very useful site that give information about how to blog safely.

This is a very useful website which explains everything about how to blog safely. Being critical is exciting and inevitable, especially when you actually do have a critical mind. So this is a preliminary warning of the possible adverse consequences and how to avoid them.

Dr. Isis, a famous science blogger once wrote

“I consider blogging to be no different than buying advertising space on a billboard – thousands of people or more are going to see it and (unless you use password-protected entries) you have no control over who is reading it.  You also have no control over how people will use your information.”

And for me this has been my rule-of-thumb, that yes, indeed blogging is similar to having a huge personal billboard with whatever we have expressed on that given (very) public space. So please remember that. I have found that the best strategy is to keep in mind that everybody reads what you’re writing, whether you’re on facebook, twitter, or blogs.

Finally, my take home message is: You have the right to blog, and you have a right to blog safely.



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Medicine is a growing field, and information presented here is reflective of the time of posting. Please refer to your physician for direct medical consultation. My views do not reflect those of my employers. --
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