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How could you be so heartless?

Gosh this is so NOT what I had intended when starting this blog (I have another 2 FYI), but, this is too good to pass.

I had 2 psychology exams and another 5 clinical exams tomorrow and about 100 other exams within this week (OK, not 100, but still, a lot…)

But there’s always a room for music within my 24 hours/day. The Fray has been one of my favorites since early 2007. Their “How to save a life” was my theme song in Nijmegen, so the band and their honest lyrics have been a constant companion of mine.

When I heard this one, I just have to share it with the world, and you all of course. Besides the amazing video with the fresh and creative (cute) graphic idea, I love the lyrics. Plus, it’s a bit medical if you see the (cute) little animated heart walking and stumbling on the numbers… Enjoy Heartless…


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